10 Secrets about growing marijuana people won't tell you

Growing marijuana is a science it self. There is a lot to learn before claiming you can grow cannabis.

So we did a little 10 secrets list of what growers or even the government won't say:

1.All marijuana is Cannabis but not all Cannabis is marijuana.

We all know that cannabis has two major bio-types hemp crop(grow for it's fiber) and we got marijuana (concentrate of chemical THC). We been discussing the acronym of THC stands for "tetrahydrocannabinol" and that's the one that has the what so call "high" because it reacts with the human nerve system.

2. CBD and Cannabis twist of event (popularity)

CBD is a compound you found in cannabis plants as well of THC. CBD recently showed that its effects work on a lot of aspect. For example, it's as the ability to relieve you from inflammation, anxiety, epilepsy, chemotherapy side effects, counteract weight loss and lack of appetite for people who got aids.

3.Depend on where you live there is a amount you can grow  

It varies, Alaska you can grow up to 12 plants in your house with two adult  over 21 tho. Alabama just a possession is a felony for repeat offenders, Colorado is six(6) plants by household, and Washington has only the right to grow in the backyard for medical use only.

4.Growing cannabis is not easy

Cannabis can grow practically anywhere. There's a twist with it tho; you got to have optimal growing conditions. Like good lighting, water, fertilizer etc. Let us breaking down a bit what is the process: 12 hours of day light and 12 hours of flower(THC & CBD are produce in that time). Only female produce high level of cannabinoid. Humidity has to be below 50% 

5. How to make the difference between male and female cannabis plant

Via www.alchimiaweb.com

Female plants exhibit bracts with pistils which grow in the nodes between stem and leaf.

6. There is a difference in the growing process for hemp and cannabis

Hemp is a crop that grow outdoor, but marijuana can grow outdoors and indoors(with the use of plant grow lights of course)

7. 6 months it could take a marijuana plant to fully grown 

Depending on the strain, it could be as long of 6 month to fully grow. Usually it takes around three(3) to seven(7) days to germinate. After, it's the flowering that's start and it can go up to three(3) month. 

8. Cannabis plants take the light from all the harvest 

Cannabis can reach up to 13 feet and from that they can steal the limelight of the sun. So when you have a garden to take away the focus on the cannabis plant it in the back of your garden border.

9. When ready it's easy to know how 

When all pistils have darkened and curled in you are in the harvest window.

10. CBD oil at home

Did you know you can make CBD oil at home? You just need to finely grind your marijuana, to have a carrier oil (coconut oil for example), a double boiler, cheesecloth, and tongs.


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