2chainz Launches a supreme strain ''Gas''

According to Chainz, GAS stands for “Good a** s**t.” On his Instagram He shared his excitement on his lifelong dreams HIS OWN WEED STRAIN! On instagram He took the time to explain each strain and showcased product for the fans to see.

2chainz stated in a first video that "Since I was a teenager, I’ve been hand-to-hand with some of this stuff (marijuana). But today, it’s official. I have my own cannabis line, finally. No middle-man, but legal cannabis. It’s called GAS. You’ll hear more about it. It’s a good day.”

The strains goes by the name Octane. 87 is the weakest strain, followed by 89 and then 93. Just like in the a gas station, Regular, Super and Supreme higher the number stronger the strain and the price range. “93 Octane got me gassed up,” says Chainz. He described 89 as “a premium product, at an affordable price,” and 87 as ''the best affordable weed.''

 GAS Cannabis Co. expect more products to become available soon. As of this writing, GAS is unavailable outside of California.

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