Air freshener distribute to clients

Can You imagine a law firm giving away air freshener to their clients to expose new driving stoned law that will take place in a near future. The firm in question is Acumen Law, apparently they specialize in impaired driving defense. They allegedly sent to their clients encouragement letters for them to ''place the Acu-freshener in your pocket so you smell fresh and delightful'' if in case you get pulled over or stumble in a checkpoint. 

Canadians be aware that on the 18th of December 2018, police will be allowed to ask a breath sample to test drivers for impairment during any lawful stop. In all that, the officers got to have a valuable reason to request a breath sample. Defense attorney, Paul Doroshenko, said ''The new law is going to cause confusion.'' 

''The police are going to just make random demands for samples, and a lot of people understand the concept of the reasonable suspicion that they don't have to blow unless the officer has a reasonable suspicion,'' Doroshenko said. ''They're going to find themselves in circumstances where they do not understand that they must provide a sample, as of December 18th, to any demand to a roadside alcohol breath tester.'' According by the firm, the air freshener is a measure to protect innocent drivers.

The federal government, according to Doroshenko, it's ''hellbent on trying to persecute Canadians who are not doing anything wrong,'' and not to say it's unconstitutional. Jokes aside ''It's not a middle finger to law-maker it's just that they don't have their lawyer phone number'' Lol!

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