Al Harrington launches program to make 100 black people millionaire in the cannabis industry

Al Harrington, former NBA forward and CEO of cannabis company Viola Brands, wants to make 100 black people millionaires in the cannabis field.

via 420magazine

Interesting to know that Harrington has a way of helping 100 black entrepreneur through an incubator program that allows black market cannabis product turn legit with his company help.

"A lot of brands that are on the black market that has a lot of credibility and unbelievable following, have a market share, but they just don't know how to get into the legal market," Harrington said.


"It's nearly impossible to get a license" for entrepreneur in the cannabis field to grow and monetize products says Harrington. If well promoted, some products could hit "million dollar valuations" according to Harrington.

"That is something I will continue to harp on; continue to bring awareness to because once again, I feel like the war on drugs was aimed towards our community, and they used cannabis as pretty much the main drug to continue to lock us up," Harrington said "All the money being made now, we're not represented; we're not there. I feel like We pioneered this industry."

Last October, Viola closed an $16 million Funding adding new investors exemple of Stephen Jackson who made headlines last May 25th in Minnesota screaming for justice on the death of his best friend George Floyd by the hand of a police law enforcer.

"We're going to continue to support him as he supported us," Harrington said about Jackson. He added that he would donate 20,000 CBD topical creams to protesters that suffers chronic pain.
A study made in 2018 by "global research firm Nielsen, Black spending power reached $1.3 trillion and its estimate to hit $1.54 trillion by 2022. More awareness about the "Power of the Black dollar".

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