Barbados and Cannabis industry development plans

Last Friday, Barbados made an official announcement that they were establishing an cannabis industry implementation unit and an administrative framework for the implementation of the project.

Mia Mottley, The Prime Minister of Barbados, dropped her 2019-2020 national budget that specify that the Unit will be headed by a director who got the responsibility of ensuring the implement of a educational and sensitization campaign. She explains that ''what we are doing with the development of this new industry and how it can help many many Bajans in the management of serious medical conditions which the fees in this country.''

She told legislator that the island would be seeking help to establish partnerships that have experience and who are willing to invest in this industry. University of West Indies will be of assistance with their train-the-trainers programme; the technical and vocational education and training council will assist with accreditation through Caribbean or National Vocational Qualifications. 

Mottley added that her government would ensure that any policies related to medical cannabis does not exclude the participation of the Barbadian population and as a result, her administration will ensure that local entrepreneurs will be given opportunities for full participation.

No word on the recreational cannabis.

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