Canadian and US custom with a Cannabis screening devices within five years

Yesterday, LA PRESSE made an announcement; Canadian and US custom (CBSA)Canada Border Services Agency would be equipped with a screening cannabis devices within five years. Meaning that if you ever cross by road like let say the 117 land border you could be asked to give a sample.

$ 12.5 million, in budget for the Canadian custom, the government give five years to get the best and most reliable devices in the market. With all that money been available for the custom there is not a specific device for the border. Police force like in Quebec, they are using the Drager DrugTest 5000.


There is a big issue with the machine it only works best in a temperatures between -4c & 20c. Lower temperature can affect the test result. The five years in question makes a lot of sense.


Will you be travelling to the US by car anytime soon?


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