Cannabis in Shoppers!?

Shoppers Drug Mart has officially  started selling Medical Cannabis in Ontario.

Retail distributors of cannabis had problems here in Canada especially Ontario. Since October 2018, they had a lack of product to sell. Apparently, some cannabis user will have another alternative to get their goods.

The Marijuana industry has officially TODAY partnered up with Shoppers Drug Mart. We all know the pharmacy chain was trying to get their hands on the market to be a provider in Canada. Ontario resident now can get Medical Marijuana at any Shoppers point sale.


Don't get hype smokers, it's not offered to all Ontarians. Medical Marijuana is available. So the logic goes with the fact you have to be prescribe by a doctor for you to place an order. There is a logging system for you to fill in with all the information the doctor gave you. The doctor has to value the fact you really need cannabis before getting any.

And the service is only available online so you won't get the chance of seeing the cannabis it self in Shoppers.


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