Canopy Growth Corp. gets licence to produce hemp in New York

On Monday 14th January, one of the biggest cannabis players in Canada, Canopy Growth Corp, just received the OK to produce hemp in the state of New York. 

It's a major step forward in the cannabis industry even in fact it's not all form of CBD and it's certainly not tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) that would be produced but it's sure is a big opening for big players across the border.

A remarkable $150 million will be invested in what people may call one of the biggest investment in the industry so far. Understand this, the hemp that Canopy Growth Corp will produce will be limited nonetheless it's still a smart move to make at this point. To top it off, Canopy Growth Corp. is partnered with  Constellation Brands, Inc. to try and get their hands on Cannabis-infused beverages and other hemp-based products.

The industry is international global those companies usually send their stock all across the world but now they can concentrate just across the border. It doesn't go with the fact Canadian can only stick to hemp itself while Americans able to provide other cannabis products (as long as they aren’t crossing State boundaries with them). 

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