Choose Green or Gun?

Apparently in some states, owning a gun and smoking medical marijuana has become a choice. 

Because by Federal Law marijuana is still an illegal drug. It's a crime to have in your possession marijuana in certain states. So gun owners have to make a choice between smoking cannabis or possessing a firearm.

Now there's a confusion going on between the actual marijuana and federal laws. As we know, legalized states are growing in numbers but the federal system doesn't want to corporate with their citizens.


There is numerous example of this situation but one in particularly Missouri. The state voted couple weeks prior today to legalize medical marijuana but right before the vote took place, the question about gun law emerged. 

New approach Missouri, the amendment provide the right to own a gun and get medical marijuana. Apparently, some Americans are not in favor of this. A spokesperson said to KAIT TV 8 ''unfortunately just like the other 32 states that have a medical marijuana program, there are some federal laws that complicate that.''

In another state there was a similar problematic, Pennsylvania, where medical cannabis is legal. South of Philadelphia, Dr. Matthew Roman, ''a practicing physician who uses medical cannabis'' went to buy a firearm, surprisingly the gun shop owner asked him if He consume cannabis to after refuse to sell it to him when he answered truthfully to the question.

U.S Department of Justice got sued by Dr. Roman, He stated that the government is refusing his Second and Fifth Amendment rights.

Laws Specification

ATF (Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives) stated 3 part of the laws as such:

-Federal law prohibits any person who is ''unlawful user of or addicted to any controlled substance'' from shipping, receiving or possessing firearms or ammunition.

-Federal law places marijuana among Schedule 1 illegal drugs, the highest level possible and on par with heroin and LSD.

-There ''are no exceptions'' for those who use medical marijuana, ''even if such use is sanctioned by state law.''

In this law, Roman's attorney stated there is room to negotiate with it. Because if you can get a doctor's approval, get an ID, enter the state program and get a marijuana prescription leaves the understanding that they got cannabis in a ''unlawful'' way. ATF, until further notice, will act accordingly to the federal law and enforce it until there is a change in marijuana listed has a controlled substance or in the federal firearm laws.

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