First Canadian company working on a new and rare canabinoid CBN

Did you know? CBN could be beneficial for treating EB (epidermolysis bullosa), glaucoma. Rumors say that cannabis is good for glaucoma.


InMed Pharmaceuticals Inc. will be the first Canadian company to investigate the new found and rare cannabinol (CBN) to be use in human clinical.

Based in Vancouver, they specialize on the ''Therapeutic side of this Cannabinol. The company are developing two products with this CBN a topical cream for treating symptoms of EB, a genetic skin disease, and an eye drop formula to relieve glaucoma symptoms.

To put simple CBN, is something that cannabis produce naturally but in low amount. How can we produce more you ask, well InMed develop an new ''biosynthesis'' model to produce pharmaceutical grade cannabinoids on a commercial scale.

''InMed has completed more than 30 pre-clinical pharmacology and toxicology studies, identifying potential therapeutic advantages of CBN in specific diseases model,'' InMed CEO, Eric Adams.

Right now, there is no cure for EB. And InMed's team are investigating a potential hint on CBN treating ocular diseases. Their main goal with the eye drop formula, is to reduce intraocular pressure that are usually associated to glaucoma.

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