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Imagine Schools teaching you about marijuana.No seriously everything about cannabis. Here are four major post-secondary institutions you can put in your curriculum:

Western University

The course: Marijuana Law Practice

The professor: Hugo Alves

A former partner at Bennett Jones, an legal advisory team for the cannabis market, Alves teaches the battle of medical legalization and the difficulties the Canadian cannabis laws bring. He a well know figure in the industry he worked with at least half if not more licensed producers in the country.


Ryerson University

The course: Business of Cannabis

The professor: Brad Poulos

Apparently, Poulos was looking for a new industry to work in, he put is sight on cannabis. Can you imagine his class is 13 weeks and he teaches you design, start-up principles and retails guidelines for marijuana.

Loyalist College

The Course: Cannabis Formulation and Product Development

The Professor: Monica Vialpando

With this course, let's get a little bit into the chemistry of the plant. First of all, Loyalist is the first Ontario institution that gives graduate level cannabis science program. A bit of formulation chemistry, poly-pharmacy of the cannabis plant and methods of administration (such as dermal, sublingual or suppository) all of the above is teaches by Vialpando.

Niagara College

The course: Biology and Evolution

The professor: Bill MacDonald

In the field since his early age, MacDonald, worked in green houses since his teen age. His classes talk about the origins of cannabis, the politicization of the plant, its migration from Asia to Canada and the biological principleof its cultivation.

Which school would you attend to and why?


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