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 If you smoke cannabis and if you are sexually active, there is most surely a moment when you wanted to try mixing both together. What an awesome sensation! But what if you or your partner don't smoke or eat cannabis, how could you manage to live this beautiful experience together? You should stop looking for a way to do so because Angela Mustone has everything you might need to spice your intimacy with your partner. Let's start by learning a little more about this inspiring entrepreneur and then we will find out what kind of products she created and their benefits.


Angela Mustone has been in the sexual health and wellness industry since 18 years, way before she became the CEO and founder of High On Love, a brand of cannabis-infused products especially created to help women, couples and single people embrace their sensuality. During her career in the industry, she marketed several cannabis oil infused products that have actually won awards and she is particularly proud of the High on Love brand. Those wonderful products all came from an epiphany she had while traveling in East Asia where she understood that the body and soul connects a whole lot more intimately with the transformative benefits of cannabis oil.


 If you visit their web site (, you will see that they sell many products as massage oils, candles, body paint and many more to enhance the pleasure in the intimacy. All of their products are made in Canada, vegan, contain only all-natural ingredients and are cruelty-free. They are all formulated with premium cannabis seed oils and crafted in small batches to ensure the highest quality. The packaging is chic and makes it look like a really expensive skin product when in fact everything is quite affordable. Affordable but also up to its promise, as proven by a loyal customer base including women of all ages. Their products are divided in two different categories as wellness collection, which elevate self-care rituals and nourish skin, and intimacy collection, which are design to boost arousal, diminish any discomfort and take intimate pleasure to the next level.


On the website, you can also visit their blog where they talk about different subjects as romance, sexuality and cannabis. If you agree with Angela Mustone about the cannabis breaking barriers in couples intimacy and empowerment of women of all ages through their sensuality, you could buy High On Love merchandise to show your support to everyone around and help open minds about cannabis and sexuality. This is mostly important because according to the sales and according to Angela, Quebec market doesn’t seem to be ready for that kind or products, even though everything has been approved by Health Canada.


They also offer an affiliate program that helps you make money only by sharing the products that they sell. You simply have a link to share with your audience and followers and you could get a 15% commission on every sale generated by your link. You would get monthly payouts and you could easily track your affiliate activity. All you need to do to apply for this program is to sign up a form. They are also open to work with any business owner that would be interested to distribute their products and become a wholesale partner.


So if you want to spice a little your intimacy with your partner, discover new sensations or free your own sensuality, High On Love is the next brand you need to try. These products are the result of years of research and perfecting formulations. They are made to bring a new level of sensuality, transforming romance, reshaping intimacy and spoiling everyone it touches. If you love the philosophy that the mind and the body connect more intimately through cannabis, go show some love on their Instagram ( @highonlove.official ) and mostly remember their name next time you need to buy a good gift for your partner. High On Love, just the way we all should be.

Here you can views our interview we had with Angela Mustone

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