Lab been caught faking lab test

Caught for lying, giving false information on products, well a Sacramento laboratory did what was taught to never happen. They were falsifying test result on pesticides usage on cannabis. This extreme situation could literally make businesses loss lots of money.

Sacramento-based, Sequoia Analytical Lab, because of them all companies that had direct or indirect contact with their services, has been sent this week a recall notice by The California Bureau of Cannabis Control  for all their products tested by the company since July of this year.

It doesn't go without consequences. The Sequoia Analytical Lab, had to close business and give away their business licence since Nov.27 due to the fact an state inspector discovered the scheme. Apparently, They identify him has Marc Foster and he was faking results on 22 pesticides over 66 required  by California Law.

''The lab director...was secretly falsifying the results'' that between July 1st and November 27, said a letter sent by the facility to it's clients, assuring them that Foster had been fire. ''Management and ownership were horrified to learn about this severe breach of a very important safety regulation.''

850 batches gone- tens of thousands of pounds of flower gone- edibles and marijuana products gone-The government has to destroy all those goodies 😥

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