Lebanon legalizes cannabis in full pandemic

Since last Tuesday, the Lebanese parliament pass down a law legalizing the grow of cannabis for therapeutic purposes, a country in the grip of the worst economic crisis and facing the brand new virus Covid-19.

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In an auditorium where it can accommodate 1000 people In Beyrouth, deputies voted for a law on cannabis legalization. And this measures should bring money to the country since they couldn't pay their debt for the first time since March.

For years Lebanon banned the grow and consumption of cannabis, but the black market can't be denied because of the millions of dollar that the industry produces. The legalization is planned by a international consulting firm McKinsey and Cie, to prepare a plan for Lebanon economy to get back to where they were.

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It's been 30 years since Lebanon was in a money crisis, tired and almost beat up by the COVID-19 pandemic and all the confinement the country has been hit hard. For three days, deputies was debating the amount of money they would need from the world bank and they were allowed 120 million of dollars in which 40 million will be directed in the fight of COVID-19. 677 cases are reported in Lebanon and 21 deaths connected to the virus.

To the rhythm of horns, slogans and songs the Lebanese were manifesting against the power of the country. "the coronavirus has further worsened the economic situation: unemployment, soaring exchange rate, poverty and hunger'' says an old man wearing a mask and a red scarf.

Lebanon his under a debt of 92 billion of dollars, 170% of the GDP one of the worst in the world right now. The national money of Lebanon has drop drastically and 45% of the population now are in poverty.

The government are elaborating a rescue plan for the economy of Lebanon. The country is planning to borrow 80 billion of dollar which 10 to 15 billion will come from other countries.



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