Stats Canada tracking cannabis users by analyzing toilet water!

Their objective was to figure out how much cannabis was consumed in the country illegally before the legalization took place. Stats Canada has a protocol to use polls but this time, they had to make an exception, because marijuana is still in the public eye a illicit drug.

So they had to turn their back on the usual approach, by phone, for the nation's toilets. Stats Canada was running test on wastewater from March to August of 2018. They analyzed five(5) cities: Vancouver, Edmonton, Montreal, Halifax and last and not least Toronto. All those test was to try and obtain ''THC-COOH- it's a metabolite produced by cannabis users who consumes psychoactive compound THC.''

Each city and their amount of cannabis consumed 

Vancouver was maybe on your radar of who have more consumers but Montreal won that survey by topping the list. Toronto & Vancouver came in 2nd & 3rd while the other cities Edmonton & Halifax came in fourth & Fifth. Don't get the wrong idea, the numbers on the stats can be bias because of heavy consumers of THC-COOH.


Consumer Per Capital

Believe or not, the city that consumes more cannabis per capital is the smallest of the bunch; yup you guessed right Halifax destroyed the other cities. Even with Vancouver who has the reputation of producing and consuming more than other cities was beaten by little Halifax. Montreal in second place no surprise there Edmonton was third & then Toronto came in fourth. Vancouver reached the last spot on this criteria.

The method used for this survey is unorthodox and unseen before. Of course the result may be bias stated Stats Canada due of the fact the data obtained was before Canada's nationwide legalization.

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