The New Demographic of Cannabis Consumers

California is the fifth largest economy in the world. And even with Canada's FULL LEGALIZATION last October, California is still the largest cannabis market in the world.

There is one thing that made that breakthrough possible is the one and only CBD. It's popularity is growing at a rate never seen before. With an overall $2.1 billion in the market and counting there is no sign of that going down anytime soon.

Who played a major role on the demographic change in cannabis consumption? Surprising enough to say it's "The Baby Boomers" and women. According world stats, "Baby Boomers are a total of 76 million between the age of 54 and 74 years old and women well you know they make more than half of the planet population. Women doubled they consumption making the market jump up 38 percent.

On those two major trends, CBD really prompt some into the "Baby Boomers" and women. Generation Z weed consumer tend to reduce tobacco use and The Millenials on the other hand, reduced alcohol consumption.

And let's not forget veteran war soldiers who are seeking more information about CBD than any other group. Consuming cannabis in family are more likely be done by them. Disable peple tend to use more CBD than THC. And to top it of, they are the one who are reducing the prescription medications.


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