Ways of consuming cannabis other then vaping & smoking

Everyone has different taste and the cannabis community make no exception to the saying. Even when we know Cannabis is safe to vape or to smoke, there's always a bunch who doesn't like the feeling of smoke into their body. 

Doesn't like the smoke is one thing but who ever said they could never enjoy the effect it can provide. Here we made a list of 5 ways to benefit from the effect of cannabis without smoking cannabis. Here we go.


Like syrup, it can be ingested by liquid and the good thing about it it's that it works pretty fast. So you can gauge with precision how much, when exactly you'll need for next time. The benefit of it to be in liquid it's totally discreet and smell proof easy to carry around with you. It comes in different flavor so you can change depends on your vibe.


Here's maybe the most lucrative idea of the bunch. Because if you can throw it down in the kitchen and you like body high instead of the psychotic high, You can be cooking your own cannabis infuse food. The list goes on but just for example You can make pot brownies or create cannabutter. Well if you can't throw down just go to your local dispensary and leave the professional deal with it.


Cannabis can be use to nullify pain & aches without getting the psychotic high. In legal states & provinces You can get THC cream or rub with non psychoactive properties. CBD on the other hand comes in cream and is also good for your inflamed joints. There's all sort of herbs and additives that can be mixed to multiply the effect.


Uncomfortable it may sound, cannabis in form of suppositories are a God hand made miracle for the very ill patient diagnose with liver cancer, seizure disorder, hemorrhoids & fibromyagia just to name a few. Anything that goes in the rectum take effects very much quicker than ingesting it.

Transdermal Patches

Like nicotine patches but instead its with cannabinoids compound THC, CBD OR CBN & to the bloodstream the important component in the plant are delivered to the body. Just like the tinctures it's discreet, really good for starters. The effect is just like you just smoke a regular joint. With this bad boy right there you can be on your day and fly high relax. 

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