New York on the verge of legalizing recreational marijuana

Gouvernor Cuomo's, couple of years back, He was opposing the effort to legalize cannabis in New York. But in a change of event, he started to warming to the idea and now he officially endorsing recreational marijuana by pushing the state to listen to the issue.

In a public appearance, he stated that recreational cannabis should be legalize in 2019. The statement he gave that day was missing a lot of specific details on that matter.

Cuomo build a team that is putting pieces of the legislation together because he says ''The devil is in the details'' '' how to properly advertise it, where will be the dispensaries, what are the ages etc'' replied Governor Cuomo.

As we work to implement the report’s recommendations through legislation, we must thoroughly consider all aspects of a regulated marijuana program, including its impact on public health, criminal justice and State revenue, and mitigate any potential risks associated with it,” Cuomo said in a statement.

The state of New York would become the 12th state to legalize recreational marijuana. 21 states legalized medical marijuana and the remaining 18 states should be a matter of time before they switch their opinion on the subject.

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